Rise & Shine Breakfast Menu

Our company realises that in today's fast moving & hard working environment many people do not get the opportunity to have breakfast before starting work. This menu is designed to provide just that ranging from a simple bacon roll to a full continental style buffet for breakfast meetings.

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Bacon Bap – £3.00pp

Sausage Bap – £3.00pp

Sausage & Bacon Bap – £3.50pp

Egg & Bacon Bap – £3.50pp

Sausage & Egg Bap – £3.50pp

All Butter Croissant, Preserve Butter & Jam – £2.45pp

Assorted Large Danish Pastries – £1.95pp

Muffin & Cookie Platter – £2.50pp

Assorted Fruit Kebab Platter – £2.25pp

Fruit Basket – £2.25pp

Fresh Fruit Juice – £1.10pp


Pricing is subject to VAT

We look forward to serving you